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GoldScriptCo is currently open to receiving manuscripts for publication.

We are open to publish various genres: novels, memoirs, creative nonfiction, and collections of poetry, essays, and/or short stories.

To Submit:

Email with the following:

1. A Cover Letter that includes (a) your name, (b) contact information, (c) title of the work, (d) preferred date range for publication, (e) which services you are seeking (i.e., editing and/or publishing), (f) which type of publication you may be seeking (i.e., chapbook, paperback, hard cover), (g) the genre you are aiming for, (h) your target audience, and (i) a brief synopsis of the work you are submitting for review. The Cover Letter should not exceed two typed pages.

2. A sample of your manuscript (up to 25 pages) in a single PDF document. All pages must be numbered.

Response Time:

Please note that you will hear back from GoldScriptCo via email regarding your manuscript between three weeks and three months.

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