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Founder & CEO

Alexa Johansen first launched GoldScriptCo as an Etsy shop in 2016. At the time, she was painting home decor signs with floral artwork and gold lettering. Alexa also used her Etsy shop to sell her original watercolor art and typewriter poetry. She writes, paints, and creates as a form of stress-relief and self-expression.


In 2018, Alexa was accepted into a Ph.D. program. She also learned (and began to sell) yet another art form: embroidery. Throughout her doctorate program, she used her art income to pay for her tuition and textbooks.

In 2020, Alexa left her career as an educator with nothing but curiosity about where her future was about to take her. Within seven months, in May 2021, GoldScriptCo Etsy shop was closed and GoldScriptCo LLC was born.

Read more about Alexa and the GoldScriptCo authors below!



Our Family of Creatives & Authors

As a company that aims to support and provide a platform for creatives, there is nothing more purposeful and exciting than forming partnerships with incredibly gifted people! Scroll just a bit further... you won't want to miss out on getting to know some amazing creatives!

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Founder & CEO | Author of Dear Girl

Not chill, very enthusiastic about any and everything.

Alexa, Ph.D., received her doctorate degree in the field of Higher Education from Azusa Pacific University. She holds a Master's degree in Literature from Loyola Marymount University, and a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from California State University Long Beach. Alexa has been writing stories since she could spell, poetry since the 4th grade, and learned the art of watercolors in 9th grade.

She is 8-years married to her ridiculously good-looking husband, Matt.  When Alexa is not at her editorial desk or art table, you'll find her hand-in-hand with her husband in the mountains -- they love hiking, climbing, and backpacking!

She also laughs really loud.



Book Designer
Her style will make you want to live bolder and brighter.

Sandra is a Korean-American artist, wife, mother, and breast cancer survivor living in Los Angeles. She is an alum of Otis College of Art & Design, where she majored in Communication Arts and Graphic Design. Her professional career includes 20+ years within the beauty industry, where she reached the level of Creative Director.


More recently, Sandra has transitioned to full-time acrylic painting. Her latest work, Lemon Series, is about her journey with breast cancer. She finds inspiration in nature and everyday life. When it comes to color and patterns, she is not shy--they bring her absolute joy.



Social Media Content Creator
A true creative; can make anything *aesthetic*.

Aspen Medley is a law student pursuing a career in public interest law to help women and survivors. Outside of research and study hours, Aspen pursues her passion and talent in various forms of artistry. She owns a small business, Love Always Aspen, by which she sells her handmade products, jewelry, and paintings. Poetry is another outlet for Aspen's artistry and self-expression. Her work is featured in our published anthology, Eyes & Windows & Souls.


And, finally, our GoldScriptCo Instagram is a much more consistent, interactive, and *aesthetic* business account because of Aspen's creative eye, artistic touch, and brilliant ideas! We are very grateful to have Aspen as a cherished member of our GoldScriptCo fam!



Author of For Those Who Cannot Live Or Die

She can pick up any hobby and be pro at it.

Emma Gazley has never had a chance to gather moss, having been a rolling stone since she was only a year old, when her family immigrated from Canada to London. Having as many house-moves under her belt as years of age, and after another ocean-cross to the United States, she has learned a deep love for friendships, all music, books, and her pillow.


Currently based in Los Angeles, you can normally find her meticulously examining the ingredients on every package in the health food section, writing and reading, at an art museum, or working out with her tattoo artist husband. A good Korean drama is probably on in the background.



Author of It's Nothing or It's Everything

Creative, believer, prioritizes family forever.

Manufactured in Colorado, B currently resides in Seattle, Washington. B likes to say that his own personhood is a tapestry of everyone he's ever loved and has ever loved him. B spent his formative years reading the dictionary because he loved to know the meaning and etymology of his language. Ever since, he has used such knowledge in his attempts to correctly communicate the experiences he has or perceives.

"Writing is and always will be my first love. I only started painting because, at some point, I felt like I ran out of words."

B is a maker, a creative, or, in his words, "a plain old artist." B aims to make sense of the world in words and brushstrokes.



Publishing Assistant for Eyes & Windows & Souls

Calligraphy queen, bookworm, and boba drinker.

Haley is currently working on finishing her Master's degree in Single-Subject Teaching (English) at Azusa Pacific University. She is kept busy with being a student, working two part-time jobs, and working towards attaining her teaching credential. Haley is grateful for the experience she gained while serving as a poetry editor for the West Wind Literary Magazine at Azusa Pacific University, as well as a Publishing Assistant with GoldScriptCo.


She is a huge fan of boba, coffee shops, binge-watching shows, and BTS. With a passion for reading, writing, and creating, she is ecstatic about being a part of the GoldScriptCo team!



Author of Count It All Loss

Lover of Jesus, big fan of therapy, huge MCU nerd.

Kathryn is a professional freelance writer and editor, an adjunct professor, a columnist, a proofreader, and, of course, an author. Her debut book, Black Was Not A Label, an essay collection on race, faith, and identity was published in October 2019 with Pronto. Kathryn is also so excited about her first chapbook publication with GoldScriptCo (October 2021)!

In her works, Kathryn tackles everything from identity, spirituality, race, and faith to the familial, interpersonal, and romantic connections between people. In both her writing and personal life, Kathryn desires and enjoys getting to the heart of relationships, stories, and people by stripping away the surface layers through contemplation, conversation, and time to reveal the inner soul.



Author of Last Call

Chill, creative, collector of Batman stuff and cool shoes.

Tony Acero has soooo much life experience that it's taking us longer to write about him!

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Author of Letters

Musician, Poet, Performer, Pastor

Derrick Engoy believes words are meant to bring truth and life to others, rather than being used to tear one another apart. He’s been writing poetry and performing spoken word since 1995, and has found a way to allow his words to dance on the rhythms of truth, emotion, and faith—bringing encouragement to willing readers and listeners of his art.

Letters is Derrick’s fifth book, but his first collection produced by a local publishing company. Derrick is extremely excited to join a line-up of authors that share his same values of creativity and honesty.


When he’s not writing or performing, you can find Derrick across the greater Los Angeles area on his skateboard with his three boys or enjoying coffee with his wife, Marissa.



Author of The Miracle and The Mending

Poet, Model, Cancer Survivor

Ashley, a seasoned wordsmith based in Pasadena, CA, holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Azusa Pacific University. Her diverse writing career has seen her contribute to notable institutions such as the Braille Institute, Tutorfly, and JPL.


Ashley was diagnosed with cancer, specifically Spindle cell rhabdomyosarcoma, at the tender age of 23. Her poetry offers a glimpse into her resilience during those challenging times and encapsulates the profound miracle of overcoming adversity. Her latest poetry now shares about the subsequent post-cancer journey of healing and mending.

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