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Do you have a dream to write a book, but feel unsure how to start?

Are you in the midst of a writing project, but feel a bit stuck?

Whether it's an essay for school, a presentation for work, or a book manuscript, our founder/CEO, Alexa Johansen, Ph.D., is available to provide support, guidance, accountability, and insight throughout your writing process.


Do you have an essay, presentation, or book manuscript that could use some refinement? Or, just a bit more development?

Alexa Johansen, Ph.D., is ready to apply an expert editorial eye to your writing project! She not only points out areas that are in need of some polishing, but she offers encouragement and affirms the strengths in your writing, too.

Editing Testimonial

"Working with GoldScriptCo on my poetry chapbook was an exceptional experience. Alexa's editing skills are superb, offering the essential outside perspective my poetry needed. Her approach is not only professional and efficient but also supportive, making the editing process a seamless and encouraging journey. The turnaround time was impressively quick, yet the quality of work never wavered. The final product far surpassed my expectations, showcasing Alexa's meticulous care and expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend GoldScriptCo to fellow writers. Their blend of professionalism, skill, and supportive communication is unparalleled. I eagerly anticipate my next project with them."

Derious Vaughn, author of King of Cups


GoldScriptCo is a traditional, indie publisher. We hold a deep passion to serve as a platform for authors who seek to pursue their publishing goals.  We are always open to receiving new manuscript submissions. Visit our "Submissions" page for more details.


Our Newest Release:

"Letters" by Derrick Engoy

This collection by Derrick Engoy is a collection of true artistry. He uses poetry as a form of letter-writing to his kin and culture, to those he has lost, and to his Creator.


The poetry is creative, honest, convincing. It breathes new breath into familiar emotions, such as longing, curiosity, hope, and grief.

Purchase your copy today!


Mission Statement

Above all else, GoldScriptCo is a safe haven for creativity and a steadfast source of support for writers.


Fueled by the passion of its founder, GoldScriptCo is a company dedicated to elevating writers, their projects, and their goals. We believe any writer who chooses to harness courage and apply commitment to their creative pursuits is deserving of having a trusted, knowledgeable partner by their side---a partner who will offer expert insight, guidance, affirmation, and unwavering support.


All of GoldScriptCo's efforts are aimed in and by faith, as well as the promise to champion each writer, draw out their authenticity, and accentuate their own uniqueness.

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