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by Alexa Johansen

The Dear Girl chapbook is our first featured title, available June 2021. This short collection of poems explores themes of courage, healing, bravery, and freedom. It is a staple in the daily movement towards women empowerment. The poet, also an artist, incorporated drawings of women she knows and loves throughout the pages of this chapbook. You can purchase this chapbook by itself, or bundled with a Dear Girl tote bag, which also has the poet's line-art drawing screenprinted upon it.


by Tony Acero

“Last Call” is a collection of poetry inspired by my time behind the bar. I’ve seen budding romances, heard confessions, saved marriages, broken up fights, seen grown men cry, and even cried my damned self. This collection is all of that, and more. Pull up a stool, grab one more drink, and listen to my tales.



Mission Statement

Above all else, GoldScriptCo is a safe haven for creativity. Guided by the hands and vision of its founders, GoldScriptCo is a publishing company dedicated to being a platform for creatives from all backgrounds and in all stages: it is a springboard for the burgeoning writer, a source of confidence for those who are pursuing artistry, and a community of authenticity. Our efforts are aimed in and by faith, as well as the promise to accentuate each artist and their own uniqueness.

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